SharePoint 2010 Site-collection Migration Procedure

1. December 2010 18:18 by Eric in SharePoint  //   Comments (0)

Just conducted a large SharePoint 2010 site-collection content migration lately, so feel like putting down all necessary procedure here, in order to share all the joy and pain:

  • 1. Switch the site-collection to the read-only, in order to make sure that nobody could edit the content until the migration has been completed successfully.
    stsadm -o setsitelock -url 
    http://newspoint/sites/pmo -lock readonly
  • 2. Export the existing site collection by the following stsadm command: 
    stsadm -o backup -url 
    http://nioshssppweb02d:5400 -filename "\\NOPSHSNLWEB02V\SPBackup\Pmo_full_20110630.bak"
  • 3. Copy/Transfer bak file across to the new server
  • 4. Restore/import bak file to the new site collection by the following stsadm command:
    stsadm –o restore 
    –url http://newspoint/sites/pmo -filename "\\NOPSHSNLWEB02V\SPBackup\Pmo_full_20110630.bak"
  • 5. Unlock the new site-collection in order to be able to verify the content migration
    Stsadm -o setsitelock -url 
    http://newspoint/sites/pmo -lock none

In a nutshell, it's just a content-level site-collection migration, there are a lot more needed polishing later on and I will cover all of them in the future articles.