BI Analytics - Microsoft Azure vs Hadoop Products

10. January 2017 07:22 by Eric in   //   Comments (0)

During a latest client presale meeting, the client was asking for a mapping between "Microsoft Azure components Vs Hadoop Products" within Data, BI and Analytics space.

Then we put together the following information and hope it would be useful:  

Microsoft Product Hadoop/Open Source Software Product
Office365/Excel OpenOffice/Calc
DocumentDB MongoDB, HBase, Cassandra
SQL Database SQLite, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MariaDB
Azure Data Lake Analytics/YARN None
Azure VM/IaaS OpenStack
Blob Storage HDFS, Ceph (Note: These are distributed file systems and Blob storage is not distributed)
Azure HBase Apache HBase (Azure HBase is a service wrapped around Apache HBase), Apache Trafodion
Event Hub Apache Kafka
Azure Stream Analytics Apache Storm, Apache Spark, Twitter Heron
Power BI Apache Zeppelin, Apache Jupyter, Airbnb Caravel, Kibana
HDInsight Hortonworks (pay), Cloudera (pay), MapR (pay)
Azure ML Apache Mahout, Apache Spark MLib
Microsoft R Open R
SQL Data Warehouse Apache Hive, Apache Drill, Presto
IoT Hub Apache NiFi
Azure Data Factory Apache Falcon, Airbnb Airflow
Azure Data Lake Storage/WebHDFS HDFS Ozone
Azure Analysis Services/SSAS Apache Kylin, AtScale (pay)
SQL Server Reporting Services None
Hadoop Indexes Jethro Data (pay)
Azure Data Catalog Apache Atlas
PolyBase Apache Drill
Azure Search Apache Solr, Apache ElasticSearch (Azure Search build on ES)
Others Apache Flink, Apache Ambari, Apache Ranger, Apache Knox

Microsoft SQL Server 2016 GA is officially made available!

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So excited to announce that the MS SQL Server 2016 GA is just officially made available since last night!

Needless to say that this is the biggest leap forward in the Microsoft data platform history with real-time operational analytics, much better Data Viz on mobile/web devices, built-in advanced analytics, improved security capability & all-in-one hybrid cloud solutions.

Well, not going to go through those new shinny features again here as I have already blogged 4 articles about MS SQL Server 2016 in past 18 months, and therefore, just quickly highlight a few key selling points for pre-sale purpose:

New SQL Server boasts 100x faster queries, 30x faster throughput and 30x faster operations on its database server. The speed improvements can be achieved without having to upgrade the current hardware.

Row-level security, Dynamic data masking, Always end-to-end encryption as well as the enhanced TDE (Transparent data encryption). 


Data warehousing and big data analytics is also a big focus in  SQL Server 2016 through its built-in R support. This database can also store and query both structured and unstructured data.


The full editions of SQL Server 2016 will allow the database to scale up to 12 TB of memory  and 640 logical processors with Windows Server 2016. Advanced analytics can be processed directly within the database thereby reducing latencies and operational costs.

Data Viz:
Much intuitive and visually-appealing SSRS standard pixel-perfect reports as well as mobile friendly reporting capabilities.

SSRS 2016 reporting still has its native integration with SharePoint 2016 as part of the new Power BI Dashboard portal.

Lastly, as for the new simplified MS SQL Server commercial licensing, the BI edition is no longer available and there are only Enterprise & Standard commercial licensing left ;)