Tableau Server Now Available on AWS Marketplace

7. May 2015 14:10 by Eric in Analytics, Tableau  //   Comments (0)

So excited that Tableau has joined the Amazon Web Services Marketplace with an option to quickly deploy Tableau Server in the cloud.

What this means to our Tableau customers in comparison to the traditional manual installations are:

  • AWS pre-config deployment for Tableau Server can save a lot time & money on the configuration and service provision fronts. (e.g. just imagine how much time can be saved when it comes to the configuration the tableau server public IP configurations...)
  • AWS pre-config installation for Tableau Server can set up the Demo/Production environment faster if the underlying data sources are already made available in the AWS Cloud Environment (such as SSAS cubes hosted on the same/separated AWS instances)
  • Lastly, the security configurations (e.g. ports/roles) will be easily taken care by the AWS pre-config set-up, rather than the traditional approach to go through the Tableau Server Admin console to manually configure those individual setting, then re-booting the server repeatedly in order to make sure that all the setting has been made effectively.

Happy Tableau-ing!!

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Tableau 9.0 is on the way!

3. February 2015 17:26 by Eric in Analytics, PowerQuery, QlikView, Tableau  //   Comments (0)

As you may be aware, the major version releases of Tableau Desktop 9.0 and Server 9.0 are on the way for public downloading in the coming days.

As for this new release of the Tableau Server 9.0, you will get the following major upgrades:

  • New Intuitive User Interface
  • Better Security Permissioning
  • Extended Command Line and REST API client integration
  • High Availability by new Cluster Management
  • Performance Enhancements by Server Processor Cores & Server Caching

The future details can be viewed via


With this new release of the Tableau Desktop 9.0, the new stellar key features are:

  • More and more data connections (Yes, it can easily connect to IBM SPSS and SAS data files directly at your fingertip now!)
  • More fluid Web 3.0 User Interface
  • New stunning Mapping graphics (Even outshine the classic Tableau maps)
  • New shining responsive Tooltips
  • More sophisticated In-line Editing capabilities along with much more powerful Calculated Field Editor.

Please feel free to view the details via

Note: From my personal point of view here, PowerBI and Tableau seem to be serving for quite different purposes of tools to the business users/current markets as PowerBI is more powerful and flexible for the reporting capabilities whereas Tableau is just more of a quick graphical dashboard-ing tool for the data discovery purpose.

Happy Tableau-ing!