SharePoint 2010 Survey Component Vs Survey Monkey

28. March 2011 19:01 by Eric in SharePoint  //   Comments (0)

A while back, one of my clients I was consulting with asked me about what sorts of the benefits by using SharePoint Survey over the 'Survey Monkey', which seems quite typical question the end-user will normally ask, before fully leveraging all those SharePoint 2010 related components.

Therefore, I prepare the following answers for his team:

  • the SharePoint OOTB(Out-of-box) Survey component is not as rich as Survey Monkey.  Survey Monkey was built specifically to do surveys and the success of the company depended on it.  Hence they do all they can do do what is needed.  In SharePoint, it is a great application for sophisticated questionnaires with lots of features; but it only does what it does.  I suspect it there only to demonstrate the possibilities for developers.
  • Users cannot go back a page if they want to change an answer to a question. They get stuck in a do-loop of errors that will not allow them to save. They'll have to go back and start over.
  • If a user wants to change a response, they have to click through all of the pages and pages of responses they have already submitted to find the one that they want to change and then click through all the pages to get to the end to submit it.
  • The Next | Save | Cancel button choices give the user the impression that if they click 'Save' they are done. You're not done until you click 'Finish' at the end.
  • SharePoint Survey has no question or page numbering feature. Nor does it have a progress bar, or the capability to change the button labels as you can in Survey Monkey.
  • Survey Monkey also gives you some additional question formats such as matrices. The only thing that comes close in SharePoint Survey is the rating scale.
  • SharePoint Survey has the limitation over the exporting survey responses, but on the flip side, SharePoint survey can be fairly easy to integrate into the Business Chart web-part to populate the meaningful Business Intelligence dashboards.

As a result for that, he still chose the SharePoint survey components over the "Survey Monkey" simply because he loves the fact that he still can manipulate the survey data into the list-format or dashboard-style graph and charts.