Robert and Joe Cocker

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Sent: Thursday, November 14, 2013 12:51 PM
To: Eric Xue
Subject: Robert and Joe Cocker

Hi I'm Robert,


Somewhere, connected through the ether, a friend of yours knows someone, who knows someone, who knows someone, who knows me. You've heard of six degrees of separation? A few colleagues and I are out to change the world or at least a small part of it. We call ourselves 6 Degrees of Data.


I'm Robert. I'm a real person, I'm not a Nigerian scammer, or a web porn star. Although I'm told you can make good money that way (allegedly). You can email me if you like I have two kids. I ride a Harley to work. I like a good meal and a bottle of decent wine. I'm a bit overweight. Anyway, you have my email ...


If you are a student,  a knowledge worker or anyone who wants to get to the nitty gritty quickly in documents, articles etc., "Bridger" that will change forever the way you look at documents.

  • It summarizes.
  • Shows you who's who and what's what in Word, txt, PDF documents or webpages, in a few moments.
  • It works on your iphone, galaxy, ipads, android tablets - anywhere you have a connection. 
  • Its easy to use, even my least techie friends have said that.

Just go to this website from your mobile device. The application is free.

  • Sign in with your email address
  • A password that you make for yourself

I want people to see something cool that we have done and use it. Its a little piece of magic.

And of course, as you knew there would be, there's a catch, albeit quite a small one.


Please send this on to 5 of your friends. Obviously if you have friends who do jobs who might need this then send it to them, that would be great, but you can send it to anyone or no one.

I'd like you to send it on, but its not the end of the world if you don't - there's no stupid threat of some cataclysmic event that you have brought on yourself by not sending it. No first born children are going to be sacrificed, or any other ridiculous malarkey.  


And the Joe Cocker thing in the subject line? I'm a fan, so I thought I would try to "get by with a little help from my friends," and their friends and their friends..





"A life lived according to the lyrics of rock songs - its the sound track of our lives."