An Introduction to Fictionism

2. February 2012 10:16 by Eric in General  //   Comments (0)

Hi there,

Welcome to Fictionism.

Before you put on your best Jeopardy effort and ask "What isFictionism?", how about we tell you.

Fictionism is a place where the world writes a story.

You will know where the pen starts, but never where it will end.

To be part of the penning, it's all pretty simple.

"The Stories" panel on the left hand side contains links to all the stories that are available. Clicking on one of these links will open up a self contained story that you can participate in. Within each page, the post itself will hold all the details, which we like to call "Setting the Scene". Here you will find things like a background plot for the story that's unfolding, or a listing of the cast of main characters.

Some stories might have lots of information to set the scene. Some none. But they will all contain, without fail, the first sentence to get the story started.

The comments part for the post is where it all happens. Based on a "first-in-first-served" basis, the first person to comment on a new story, writes a sentence or 2 to follow on from the first sentence given. The next person to comment builds on from the first comment posted, and so on and so forth.

There aren't many rules.

Please feel free to be as creative, entertaining, or as serious as you want to be, as long as what you write:

  • (1) is not something distasteful or illegal; and
  • (2) the length is limited to a handful of sentences; and
  • (3) these sentences follow on from the comment posted right before the one you're writing.

That's it.

Nothing more to it.

So let's get started.